Italia sicilia gela

Italia sicilia gela


Through 3 seasons by 7 episodes each episodes, the web series tells about Gela, one of the most contradictory cities in Italy, through the stories of as many inhabitants that give an unusual insight into the perception of the city, describing the elements of unease together with the opportunities so far largely unexpressed . Gela is a metaphor for the problems and potential of Sicily and all of Italy. Hence the name “Italia Sicilia Gela”. Season 1 let us discover Gela, Season 2 is focused on food, Season 3 is about fun.

Season 01 trailer

Director’s statement

When I’ve been asked to direct a web series about Gela’s city I wasn’t sure where to start. It’s a city a just knew by fame and bad stereotypes, that’s how I landed there for my research. I found something completely different, a warm place made by special stories of people that on a way or an other have decided not to give up. They became my characters and an example of how talking about Gela is talking about Italy in its whole.
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Season 02 trailer

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Festival, Awards

Season 1
Web Series Festival Global di Hollywood, Seoul Webfest, Copenhagen Web Fest, Bilbao Seriesland Web Fest Festival and Bellaria Film Festival, Bogotà Web Fest, Miami Web Fest, Apulia Web Fest, Die Seriale Festival, Melbourne WebFest and won the Sicily Web Fest, The Next International Short Film Festival in Calcutta, the International Online Web Fest in London and the Minnesota WebFest.
Season 2
Winner best documentary Sicily Web Fest, Official selection, festival del cinema di Cefalù, Die Seriale, Seriesland, Bellaria film festival, Seul web fest, Ambrosia food and drink festival, Rio web fest, NZ web fest, International online web fest, Sidney web fest.